PRESTASI Alumni Forming Alumni Association Called ALPHA-I

Alumni of HICD and PRESTASI USAID program officially formed the Alumni Association called ALPHA-I (Asosiasi Alumni PRESTASI-HICD Amerika Indonesia) or Alumni Association of PRESTASI-HICD of America Indonesia on March 4, 2012 in Jakarta.

This second Alumni National Meeting and Panel Discussion was held last week in March 2 to 4, 2012 and attended by almost 70 alumni of HICD and PRESTASI Program from short term training and long term training. It took place in the Grand Cemara Hotel in Jakarta. Through a long, progressive and dynamic three days series panel and commission discussions, an association was created and agreed by the forum. They also voted Akhmad Safik as the President of association, Zaenal Arifin as a Secretary General and Novi Anggriani as a Treasurer.

HICD-PRESTASI alumni meeting attended by USAID Mission Director Glenn Anders, Director of Education Office Margaret Sancho, COTR of PRESTASI program Hanif Saleh, and representatives from Technical Office of Economic Growth Raya Soendjoto, Bambang Heryanto from Health Office and Henny Djohari from Education Office and also Director of IIEF Diana Kartika Jahja.

In his remarks, Mr. Anders stated that the USAID is supporting the education program including the scholarship program. “I would not miss the PRESTASI event although in Saturday morning. We really support this program. PRESTASI is one of a tool to deal with your professional career, but the important benefit through receiving this scholarship is that you become the ambassador for your country in the State. And you also can meet people with some interests which are important for you to grow up in your professional and career life.

An alumni association forum was initiated in the first national meeting in February 5th, 2011 which took place in the Grand Kemang Hotel, Jakarta. The meeting was attended by 61 participants from various provinces of Indonesia such as Aceh, Banten, North Sumatera, West Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta, East Java, Central Kalimantan, Central and South Sulawesi.

To continue with the future alumni association, the formation team and other alumni from the short term training and long term training program -facilitated by IIEF, as the PRESTASI implementer of the program- conducted a Working Group Meeting which was held in January 5th, 2012 at the Grand Cemara Hotel in Jakarta.

The Working Group Meeting generated the article of association and statute of the association consisting of alternative names of the future organization, goal, principle, form, vision, mission, membership, and organization outlines.

They came to an agreement that there will be the second National Meeting to continue the process with the organization structure, selection of the committee members and the legitimation of the article of association and statute of the association (AD/ART).