A key component of the U.S. government's development program in Indonesia has always been training, and the support for both short and long-term exchange opportunities continues to be powerful tool in helping individuals, organizations, and institutions acquire the knowledge, skills, and capacity to support Indonesia's on-going development.

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Pre-Academic Training Cohort 4 Fall 2018 opening ceremony and the Wednesday Speaker series of David Moore USAID General Counsel
Program to Extend Scholarships and Training to Achieve Sustainable Impacts, PRESTASI
Improve the performance and leadership skills of Indonesian professionals
Olan's award for leadership. Read the complete story here!
PRESTASI Scholars on the reception honoring scholars that will depart this Fall semester
USAID PRESTASI Scholars in the Welcome Reception and Networking
Pre-Departure Orientation Fall 2016
PRESTASI Scholars 2016 in the US DCM Reception
PRESTASI Returnees in the US DCM Reception 2016
Alumni Reintegration Workshop: Opening Ceremony and Networking Dinner on January 13th 2017
Alumni Reintegration Workshop: Participants Action Plan and Closing ceremony on January 15th 2017

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