USAID Indonesia provides scholarships to 37 awardees to pursue master degree in the U.S.

Under the USAID PRESTASI Scholarship program, in spring and fall 2016, there are 37 bright awardees from all over Indonesia departing to the U.S. in spring and fall 2016 to pursue a two-year Master degree program.

On August 16th 2016, US Chargé d'Affairs Brian McFeeters hosted a reception for awardees to recognize them among their institutions, PRESTASI’s returnees, and the network of the USAID Indonesia, and the U.S. embassy.

"The scholarships are the opportunity to advance young professionals' skills and educational goals, but more importantly, to improve their knowledge and experience that will help them make significant contributions to the future of Indonesia," McFeeters said in a statement.

The 37 awardees, 19 women and 18 men, are professionals coming from various background who will pursue degrees in the field of Environment and Education. The goal of the scholarship is to assist them in acquiring the knowledge, skills, capacity, and wider network.

In order to support the sustainable development of Indonesia, once the awardees finish the study and return to Indonesia, they will be included as the ALPHA-I members, the alumni association of USAID scholarship program. The association is formed as a think tank group and dedicated to support the sustainable development of Indonesia. At the same time, the alumni association is expected to bring a closer partnership between the U.S. and Indonesia.

From 2007, USAID PRESTASI Scholarship Program has been supporting 276 professionals in five development fields: Education, Environment, Health, Economic Growth, and Democracy Rights and Governance.