Announcement for Academic Year 2018-20

Application submission received from June 14 through July 31, 2017.

Scholarships are available for qualified employees working in the public and private sectors. Graduate programs in U.S. universities are offered in the following development areas:

  • EDUCATION ➤ Higher Education
  • HEALTH ➤ Health Sciences
  • ENVIRONMENT ➤ Environment Fields & Research

Check out the red boxes on the homepage for information on the scholarships offered by USAID PRESTASI in the targeted fields of development. Related fields of study from other development fields may also be considered.


Funding of a PRESTASI Scholarship is covered in part by USAID, and in part by the applicant's employer.

The expenses listed below are costs that are covered by the USAID PRESTASI:

  • Pre-Academic Training (Academic English, Leadership, and Statistic) in Jakarta
  • Pre-Academic Training: Living allowance in Jakarta for maximum 6 month
  • Test: GRE or GMAT (one free)
  • Test: TOEFL-iBT (two free)
  • Four free university placement applications
  • Full two-year university tuition and fees
  • Monthly living allowance in the U.S.
  • Support for academic equipment and activities
  • Insurance

The expenses listed below are costs that are covered by the employer of the applicant:

  • Test: Additional GRE or GMAT (if needed)
  • Test: Additional TOEFL-iBT (if needed)
  • Medical: exam fees and immunization
  • Domestic travel: Two-way ticket from home province to Jakarta (if needed)
  • University placement application fee: any placement after the fourth application
  • Travel from Indonesia to the U.S. : out-bound airfare, airport tax
  • Travel from U.S. to Indonesia: in-bound airfare.

USAID PRESTASI Scholarship Program timeline (estimate):

  • 15 Jun 2017 → PRESTASI open application announcement
  • 31 Jul 2017 → PRESTASI closing application deadline
  • Aug 2017 → Administration selection shortlist announcement
  • Sept 2017 → Interview selection in Jakarta
  • Oct 2017 → Interview selection announcement by email
  • Oct 2017 → Pre-Academic Training begins in Jakarta
  • May 2018 → Pre-Academic Training finishes
  • Aug 2018 → Departure to the U.S. to begin graduate program