Miranti's Dream to Improve Forest Management in Indonesia

Foto Miranti Triana Zulkifli
Photo 1. Miranti Triana Zulkifli.

Life will be more colorful when it embraces dreams and passion. Miranti Triana Zulkifli has proven it. Since joining the National Development Planning Agency (BAPPENAS) in 2009, Miranti had a dream to pursue hermaster's degree in the United States. It has became her only destination to continue her studies.

The dream started to show its light when her superior at BAPPENAS provided the information on scholarship opportunities to the US in the PRESTASI Scholarship program-formerly called Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD) USAID. After the administrative and interview selection, Miranti got accepted at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (Yale FES) in 2013.

Yale FES was exactly the campus she wanted, as it was the most reputable campus in the US for forestry studies. Secondly, the course she chose, the Environmental Management, is related to her field of work at BAPPENAS.

"I thank PRESTASI for fulfillingmy dream to studyin the US at one of the best colleges. Studying in the US have a major impact on my self capacity and self-competence. One of the great moments is when I become a speaker on The Yale FES Chapter 2014. In this event I presented topic about Sustainable Forest Management in Indonesia. From this event I learn how to prepare a good presentation and build my self confidence. This is important for my career development,"said Miranti.

Both on and off-campus activities gave her valuable experiences. One of the most memorable moment was when she did her internship at Forest Resources Division, Washington State Department of Natural Resources. As a civil servant, doing an intership in the government offices in the US is an extraordinary opportunity.

During her internship, Miranti underwent an unforgettable opportunity while spending two days exploring the Capitol State Forest. She was accompanied by a forester named Trevor whom she learned to recognize the forest well.

Foto Miranti Triana Zulkifli
Photo 2. Miranti when doing field survey in Rinjani National Park in 2015. The purpose of the survey is to assest the National Park's management.

Miranti also learnt to project forests in the next few years in terms of forest management. Any treatment for forests in the present time can actually describe the condition of the forest in the next several years.

Another experience she found very useful is traveling. For her, traveling is not just going to the interesting tourist destinations and taking some selfies. According to her, traveling can broaden the horizons and shape someone's character. Miranti always travels alone and interacts with others on every trip. She tries to understand the culture, language, and worldview of others. This enriches her spiritual life and such great things may not be obtained within the campus.

After finishing her study at Yale FES in 2015, Miranti returned to Indonesia to leap another dream which is to improve forest management in Indonesia. Forest is an important key for Indonesia, as 60% of the country's land area is forest (about 120 million hectares). It is important to keep the forests in Indonesia well-maintained to balance its ecosystem. Since it is the lung of the world.

Foto Miranti Triana Zulkifli
Photo 3. Miranti and friends participated at the International Thank God I'm Forester (TGIF) event in Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies in 2013.

Indonesia has a great potential to improve the forest management with the initiative of Forest Management Unit (Kesatuan Pengelolaan Hutan).

As a staff member at the Directorate of Forestry and Water Resources Conservation at BAPPENAS, her duty is to make a good planin both areas. One of the programs she designed with the team at BAPPENAS is to make an integrated inventory system of the forest assets. This program is similar to the inventory of an agency's assets with the subject of forest. The goal is to map our forest potential.

From the inventory process, Miranti and the team incorporate the inventory data to the forest management plan. Good forest management helps the forests to be sustainable and able to provide maximum benefits for the people around and the country of Indonesia.

Miranti wants to share her experiences during her studies to the communities and the country through BAPPENAS. Her tips for the future master student are:

  1. Find the passion that match the field of study with the the need of future career.
  2. Find the best program. Each university has its own characteristic which concludes which program they can offer you.
  3. Be an open minded to any positive change and sort out the negative into a better solution.
  4. Set good time management to avoid being stressful during your studies.