To Deliver an Excellence Hospital for the Community Health Service

Photo 1. dr. Arifatul Khorida

Have you ever imagined how difficult it is, dealing with people with mental illness. You may ask such things to Arifatul Khorida.

Arifatul Khorida is a general practitioner working at Aceh Mental Hospital (RSJ) Banda Aceh. During her professional service at Aceh Mental Hospital, Arifatul experienced many incidents in her workplace such as facing a patient who suddenly became so angry while being examined, or dealing with a patient trying to escape from the hospital.

Therefore, to achieve the hospital's goal, which is to have a better access service for health delivery at the secondary level, Rifa realized that being a clinical doctor as well as the as the health program manager requires a special skill in management and leadership.

She decided to continue her study in hospital management that can help her in improving her new knowledge and skills in management.

When she was seeking for information on post graduate studies, Rifa accidentally heard about the PRESTASI scholarship program. At that moment, she directly was attracted and immediately signed up.

"I believed that I met the criteria to be a scholarship recipient, so I was very excited to complete all the requirements," said Rifa.

After following the selection process, she finally received the scholarship to pursue her Master's degree in Public Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Yogyakarta, focusing on Hospital Management.

Through her learning process, Rifa had in depth study for the implementation of hospital management, starting from planning, organizing, implementing, monitoring, reporting, and evaluating. Rifa also learnt systematically on how to run the hospital by conducting the series of hospital managerial activities and how to manage hospital operations efficiently.

Rifa, who loves jogging so much, also becomes the member of Indonesian Hajj Organizing Committee of Health (PPIH Kesehatan). By the time of her last stages in her study, Rifa joined 60 days PPIH Kesehatan service during the 2016 hajj season in Saudi Arabia.

Photo 2. Rifa is doing her job as a member of Indonesian Hajj Organizing Committee of Health (PPIH Kesehatan) in Saudi Arabia.

"In the previous year I got involved in PPIH Kesehatan” Therefore, in 2016 I was so excited to participate again, so I joined the recruitment process which was organized by the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Jakarta, "added Rifa.

In Saudi Arabia, Rifa's main role was to become the general practitioner who helped the Indonesian pilgrims. She was also appointed as Duty Manager at the Hajj Medical Clinic of Indonesia in Mecca and Arafat. It was a golden opportunity for Rifa to apply her hospital management knowledge she gained during her study.

While performing her duty as Duty Manager, Rifa had responsibility for patients' arrangement who came and went as well as the medicines, and other items at the clinic. Rifa also managed the use of the limited number of ambulances for the pilgrims who needed to travel from the hotels all over Mecca.

"On my shift, I always tried to do my best by not disturbing my colleagues that were off duty," added Rifa.

After finishing her Master's study at UGM Yogyakarta, Rifa came back to RSJ Aceh, which is accepted warmly and with open arms. Rifa is now performing her job as the general practitioner at RSJ Aceh. RSJ Aceh acceptance becomes her great motivation to carry out her duties nowadays.

She doesn't want to disappoint her coworker's and family members at RSJ Aceh “The institution where I am working really needs a doctor with a Master's qualification in hospital management. Therefore, the study that I took in Hospital Management was very helpful for me in carrying out the managerial aspects at the hospital, from planning to evaluating, "added Rifa.

Photo 3. Rifa (sitting, wearing hijab) is doing her job at RSJ Aceh.

Her knowledge and skills during her study at UGM enables Rifa not only to do her job as a doctor, but also as the Head of Outpatient Installation. Rifa also performs her duty as the Technical Activity Implementing Officer (PPTK) for the procurement of personnel expenditures, goods and hospital services.

During her come-back at the RSJ in Aceh, Rifa is now reintegrating and reviewing the needs of the hospitals. This will help her in arranging the priority programs that benefits the community in general, especially for the RSJ Aceh. Rifa is very grateful for the scholarship she received from PRESTASI. She hopes that PRESTASI can be sustainable so that more and more people will get the privileged to receive the scholarship to continue their studies in either the U.S. or in Indonesia.

Rifa also conveys a message to the younger generation, especially for those who wants to continue their career as a hospital health manager, "Indonesia does need a lot of medical specialists, but becoming a medical specialists is not the only profession. Indonesia desperately needs doctors with integrity to be able to manage and lead the country's health sector. "