A Passion for Healthy Ports in Kupang

Photo 1. Jusly Adrianus Lakapu

Jusly Adrianus Lakapu is one of the alumni of USAID PRESTASI scholarship from Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). He works as an Environmental Risk Control and Cross Region Health (PRL and KLW) staff at the Head Office of Health Port Class III Kupang, Directorate General of Communicable Disease and Environmental Health, Ministry of Health. Since 2005, Jusly has been in charge of conducting environmental health monitoring in the port areas in Kupang.

In order to gain more knowledge, Jusly applied for the USAID PRESTASI Scholarship in 2011. After several selection stages, he was awarded the scholarship and continued his education in Field Epidemiology at the University of Indonesia (UI), Jakarta. This field of study is relevant to his profession as a health controller and certainly would help him to better understand about the prevention of spreading disease in the community.

Jusly really enjoyed study at UI. Although in the beginning he found it very hard to deal with some field research tasks, he did not complain. Instead, he got a lot of experiences. Thanks to his field research task, Jusly landed an opportunity to do presentation at the 7th TEPHINET Bi-Regional Scientific Conference in Da Nang, Vietnam. Jusly and his team presented their reports on the health needs assessment in the refugee areas, in front of researchers from Asia-Pacific countries. "Despite the fact that we did not win, we were happy to have more friends and share knowledge to each other", said Jusly.

In additional, Jusly together with some other students of the Field Epidemiology faculty also got involved in the investigation of an outbreak of diphtheria in six districts in East Java. It surely was a valuable experience because Jusly could directly implement his knowledge in a real situation.

Photo 2. Chikungunya Epidemic Investigation in West Bandung regency

The knowledge that he got at the university is being implemented through his involvement in the Healthy Ports Program organized by the Head Office of Health Port Class III Kupang, where he works. The Healthy Ports Program aims to create a clean, comfortable, safe and healthy port, in order to prevent any potential risk of disease and disorders of security.

"Healthy Ports Program is in the process of developing a complete team members, yet the implementation has been started in February 2015. The program will be evaluated at the end of this year to determine its effectiveness”, he added.

Photo 3. Canned food inspection in the Tenau Port of Kupang

Jusly also participated in regular surveillance activities which include environmental monitoring, ports and ships sanitary, surveillance and eradication of disease vectors, monitoring the quality of food and beverages, as well as clean water. The surveillance activities are conducted in the regions and districts which are located around the ports. This is a cross-sector activities which are held twice a year on airports and ports in Kupang, NTT.

As a beneficiaries of USAID PRESTASI scholarship, Jusly deeply appreciates the scholarship that he received. He said that USAID PRESTASI is highly-supportive to its recipients. Jusly hopes, the USAID PRESTASI Scholarship will continue to fund Indonesian professionals who have the capacity yet lack of financial support.

"If you feel that you have the intellectual ability but facing financial difficulty, never give up to find solutions. For instance, you can apply to various scholarship programs. By doing so, your potential can be further developed, " Jusly concluded.