Bernie Endyarni Medise: "Make the Best of Available Time and Opportunity."

Photo 1: Bernie Endyarni Medise

Getting an overseas scholarship is a valuable opportunity. It is not merely a special and rare experience, but also as a channel to develop our ability to become more skillful and professional in order to build the nation. That was what Dr. Bernie Endyarni Medise, SpA (K), MPH, one of the alumni of HICD scholarship (now PRESTASI), felt when she was awarded the scholarship. She got admitted at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) where she chose Master of Public Health (Maternal and Child Health) as her major.

Being able to study at UNMC was a big opportunity and also a “golden gate” for her in entering the professional world as a medical doctor. She had learned and experienced many valuable knowledge there. At that time, Bernie hadn’t only studied the materials for social pediatric cases, but also child growth and development-related materials. She also had gotten additional social pediatric knowledge from public health materials.

“I was thankful that, for child growth material that I needed for my thesis research, I was allowed to conduct a research on Autism at a Developmental Pediatric Clinic in UNMC. In the middle of my research, I had the opportunity to attend clinic sessions of the developmental pediatrician, pediatric subspecialist doctors in Munroe Meyer Institute, UNMC,” said Bernie. Most of the time, it is very difficult to get an access to conduct a research in United States clinics, because those clinics are not merely research facilities; they are also used to observe and treat patients.

Through her research activity, she was also able to expand her network. “I was excited to be able to tag along some doctors there when they observed and interacted directly with their patients, because it was very useful for my research data. In fact, I had established good doctor-patient relationships with some of the patients there, and we’re still in touch even though I’m in Indonesia. Same thing with my colleagues. For me, they are more than just advisors, as we are still keeping our relations and communication well,” she added.

Today, Bernie works as a pediatrician and as an academic and medical staff at Growth Developmental  – Social Pediatric Division, Child Health Department of Universitas Indonesia Medical Faculty in Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, and she has been doing her profession for about seven years. She also practices in Hermina Jatinegara Mother and Child Hospital and in Brawijaya Clinic. In her profession as a medical doctor, she serves as pediatrician and child growth and development subspecialist who handles cases such as, child growth and developmental disorders, high risk babies (babies with history of prematurity, low birth weight), and child behavior problems (ADHD, Autism, etc).

Photo 2: Bernie Endyarni Medise as a talkshow
speaker guest in TVRI

There are also more opportunities coming from Bernie’s home institution to apply her knowledge. “In the institution where I work now, I’ve been given a lot of opportunities to practice the knowledge I got from the United States as long as it is in accordance with the University’s Tri Dharma,” said Bernie. The Tri Dharma of Higher Education is Bernie’s foundation in doing her obligations, which consists of: 1) Education: Teaching medical students, students of pediatrician program, and pediatricians who want to study the child growth development – social pediatric sub-specialty  2) Service: Serving as a pediatrician cum consultant in Child Growth and Development sub-specialty Division in Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, handling child growth issues, child growth progress and children behavior disorders. 3) Research: Conducting research in her specialty, such as children and youth behavior disorders, and vaccine.

Outside her daily routine, Bernie is also actively involved in Indonesian Pediatric Society, where she served as Head of Adolescent Task Force of Indonesian Pediatric Society and the administrator of its website. Not only she’s active in her profession’s association, Bernie is often invited to be a speaker in many events related to pediatric. Bernie has been sharing her knowledge and experience she got during her study in the United States to society by participating as speakers in several events related to her profession. In 2014 alone, she had participated as speaker for child-healthcare studies material in several pediatrician meetings. By doing so, her knowledge and experience is not only useful for her own career, but also valuable as a means to build her nation.

What Bernie had accomplished so far is because of the scholarship that she received. The HICD-PRESTASI program has generated so many talented and professional alumni in many fields of study, and it has played an important part in improving the quality of the alumni’s home institutions. According to Bernie Medise, PRESTASI has given such a comprehensive scholarship program. The awardees do not only get support for their study, but also given opportunity to participate in profession-related organizations.

“I want to spread the message that we have to make the best of our time and to take every available opportunity. One of them is to build networking. A year or two is a relatively short period, therefore it should be used to the fullest,” said Bernie.