Irma Martam, Designing the Foundation’s Future

After completed her study and returned to Indonesia, Irma has grown. That was what her colleagues think about her. Pulih Foundation, where Irma worked before pursuing her Master degree, feel grateful to have her back on the team. Her superior even proposed to the Board Member to promote her as one of the Directors in the Foundation. Formerly acting as General Coordinator, Irma excitedly accepts the promotion. “We have confidence in her to manage the Foundation. It is about time for Irma to involve in strategic issues”, explain the Chairman.

Irma’s coworkers in Pulih welcomed her decision to accept the new position. They think Pulih Foundation is in the need of revitalization and expect Irma to take part in the process. “Irma is not just another name in the Board. She was actively involved in fundraising activities and programs development. These are a good indicator toward revitalization”, says her colleague.

One of her ideas to expand Pulih is through developing a more professional clinic, which will generate profit for the Foundation. What Irma had in mind before departing to the U.S. was to implement her new knowledge directly to the community, which exactly what her coworkers now expect from her. The Chairman of the Foundation even hopes that, in the future, Irma will be able to lead and hold the top position.

Even though Irma has a tight schedule in Pulih, she still spares some time to gather with other USAID PRESTASI alumni. Together, they formed ALPHA-I, an alumni organization where Irma is the Head of Health Division. "Some programs are still under development. We are looking forward for the result. Hopefully, ALPHA-I can give positive contribution for Indonesia", she said optimistically.

Irma Sri Wulandari Martam

Master in Public Health, George Washington University - Washington DC

Board of Director – Pulih Foundation