The succession of ALPHA-I


ALPHA-I has successfully conducted its Second National Meeting on September 26 – 28, 2014. National Meeting is conducted once in two years, where all members of ALPHA-I gather to determine the goal of the organization for the next two years and to elect the new board of members. The event was opened by remarks from Akhmad Safik, the former President of ALPHA-I and Darrell Freeman, a representative from USAID Education Office.

In his remarks, Safik emphasizes the importance of commitment from each member to build a stronger organization. “ALPHA-I is a collective mission, not an individual one. The presence of board members and secretariat office do not mean that other members can be negligent. Together, we can bear more weight in our way to contribute for the nation”.

The first plenary agenda discussed the rules and regulation of the meeting, was led by Tony Triyulianto, as the Head of Steering Committee. After all participants agreed on each article, they voted for Johari Efendi as the Chair of the Meeting and assisted by Baryanto and Hariatni Novitasari.

Not everything in the meeting ends with agreements. When it was time to discuss the organization policy guidelines (GBHK), some of participants thought that the current meeting did not give clear direction for the next board of members. Therefore it would be difficult for ALPHA-I’s next board to transform the GBHK into working plans. Finally, it was agreed that it will be the task of board of members to refine the GBHK.

The election process of the new President of ALPHA-I was also tough as it was not easy to find the right candidate who will be strongly-committed to ALPHA-I until 2016. Johari Efendi was finally elected as the President by acclamation.

“ALPHA-I should be the organization which able to nurture its member, so that each member will grow. Eventually, the organization will grow as well”, says Johari. He appointed Teddy Trilaksono as the Secretary General, while Akhmad Safik was elected to chair the Board of Supervisor.