Higher Education Reform in Indonesia

Statistic Indonesia reports that 9.5% (688,660)1 of total number unemployed people were from the alumni of higher education. This is associated with the gap between the number of a new educated job seekers and the number of job opportunities. Therefore, The Government of Indonesia Indonesia needs to have the modern concept of higher education so that the graduates would have close connection with the global market demands.

Following Willis Towers Watson's study result 2which examines talent management best practices and employee reward programs since 2014; 8 from 10 top Indonesia's companies have difficulties to screen and select the graduates who meet the qualification according to the companies' needs. However, the qualification of the graduates do not meet the expectation because the characteristic of the job requirement and the local needs. It is important to consider that the development of higher education institutions mostly is connected with the demand of skilled and professional manpower. To respond to this constrain, an Indonesian Education expert, Prof. Dr. Arief Rachman3, said that we need to have modern concept on higher education to raise the graduates into their qualified skills.

One of the challenges faced by Indonesian government is altering the curriculum. It is true that lots of changes in the curriculum has been made. However, to keep in mind, the curriculum must be adjusted in line with the needs of the industry and global market demands. To meet these demands, the curriculum should contain at least a type of education that will accommodate the development of science and technology, new business models of education, orientation of the proven skills and competitiveness, as well as the strategic development of science.

The point is, to reform something requires the willingness to change. In this case, the role of parents, teachers and professors to educate the young people that they have to bear in mind that the value of reformation is also important to improve the welfare of the nation.


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