6 Must-Have Skills for College Students Nowadays

In this era, college students are required not only to have academic skills. Moreover, since the ASEAN Economic Community began in 2016, the competition in the labor market has increased dramatically. Technology has advanced rapidly. The students must become aware of such situation that they are ready to face the competition with no fear. This current situation must become awareness for the students to improve their knowledge and skill to meet the challenges.

Here are 6 must-have skills for students to face the challenge in this era of competition nowadays.12

Soft skills

Today's students cannot depend only on their hard skills. They must develop and master soft skills as well such as the ability to work in a team, as a leader or problem solver, and bring positive attitude through adaptability and responsibility.

Technology Skills

In this era of digital, students are required to have technology skills for example the coding ability. This is very important since software has played so many important roles in every activities and work.

Social Media

Nowadays, social media has become the part of business process. It is not surprisingly that many companies demand social media resources from their employees. It is not only for work or business purposes, but the media is also very useful to support the community through their social movement.

Creativity and Innovation

Rapid transformation in the world of technology requires human resources with high level of creativity and innovation. Therefore, every student must improve their skill in order to become creative and innovative. This could be realized by attending events such as seminars and training in order to explore their potential and interest. They also have to overcome their mental laziness.

Foreign Languages

The impact of globalization has resulted in the elevated need of foreign language ability. At least, these 5 foreign languages need to be mastered. They are English, Arabic, French, Spanish and Chinese. International working experiences followed by mastering foreign language will take account for someone's ability.


Analytical skills will be beneficial to evaluation needs, projection and planning many things related to their work.

By equipping those six aspects above, students will face the increasingly tight competition in today's world with confidence without any fear.


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