4 Reasons Women Should Care About Their Education

Education is believed to be one of driving forces of social change. For women, education is the key for a better life. As Kartini said about the importance of education, education is the initial process to empower and enhance the nation in the future.

Here are some reasons why women should care about education1.

Improving Welfare

The report of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in 2012 showed that women’s participation in the labor force could accelerate the economic growth2. To enter the world of work, women need to be well educated. By doing so, they and their family will be able to increase their quality of life.

Reducing the Number of Deaths

When women are more aware of education, the number of maternal mortality is reduced up to 66%. It is similar to save 189,000 mothers (UN Women, 2015). The higher the level of education of women, the less the numbers of death due to pregnancy or birth to very young mothers3.

Smart Kids Born to Educated Mothers

A lot of research says that smart children are born from smart mothers. A mother with high intelligence may increase the life expectation of her child until the age of 5. Educated women will also understand the importance of education. So, when a woman becomes a mother, she will mainly support the education for her children.

Preventing Human Trafficking

UN Women4 said that poor and uneducated women are at risk for human trafficking. If people are more aware of education, human trafficking for sure – especially women trafficking – can be avoided.

Aside from those four things above, education is as a matter of fact has greater advantages not only for the women themselves but also for their family, community, nation and country.

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