5 Ways to cultivate Ideas for Research Papers

It is a challenge to find ideas for research papers. Fresh and original ideas might come unintentionally in between our regular activities. Thus, our habitual activities could help us to get more ideas in producing the research papers. Here's how to find such ideas. 1

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"Books are windows to the world". By reading a lot of books, it helps you to think with your creativity and to train your critical thinking. You can search and read reference books in a library or buy them in a bookstore.

Use the internet

In today's digital source of information, it is easy to gain any information you want can from the internet. Many scientific journals can be accessed easily through the internet and can be used as writing reference and inspiration to get fresh ideas.

Spend time and have a discussion with friends to certain subject

Having a discussion with schoolmates or your superordinate who's learning the same subject as you. You may begin with a discussion about an existing scientific paper in order to generate new ideas to improve it.

Consult with the lecturers

Lecturers are usually up to date with the recent scientific works both in national and international scope. Consulting with lecturers about the ideas of a scientific paper is a good thing, as well as asking for guidance when writing the scientific paper.

See the surroundings

A theme for a scientific paper may potentially be found in surroundings. Willing to see things from different angles may bring you to the other subject of potential research paper.

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