Best Experiences during Internship

College students in their final semester usually have the opportunity for taking internship in a company or institution. The purpose of internship is to give them practical experience in the field of work so that when they have graduated and working for a company, they would have already understood the working environment and culture well without having to adapt much.

Internship is a golden opportunity for students. There are lots of stories about college students recruited by a company after having internship in the aforementioned company because they are seen as prospective employees. These are several benefits of having internship that can bring positive impact for your career.

Practicing Communication Skill

Working in any field certainly requires good communication skill, especially when you are aiming for the top level management position. Internship is the best opportunity to train communication skill. Pay attention to the way professional workers interacting in the working environment. You also need to actively interact with them to ask for your assignments. Always have the initiative in communication, politely of course.

Broadening Professional Network

During internship, you will meet with people whose jobs are in line with your field of study. Other than having good communication, ask for their numbers and keep a good relation with them after finishing your internship. You will have lots of benefits for having a professional network, such as getting information on job vacancies for example.

Exercising Discipline

Internship is also a good occasion to exercise discipline. Professional work means working on time. There is no time to be late and no tolerance for mistakes. You can learn from the professional workers during the internship. You will certainly pick up a lot of tips regarding time-management problems from them.

Understanding the Culture of Working

Reading a book will not help you to understand the culture of working. You need to experience it directly. It is during an internship you can properly understand and become involved in the culture of working in a company. The best values you get from the culture of working may help you to increase your competence.

Training as a Problem Solver

Internship is your opportunity to put the knowledge and theories you got from college in practice. In the practice, it is very possible that you will face problems you may not find in theory during college. It is at times like this you have the opportunity to become a problem solver. In a company, a problem solver is certain to have greater value in comparison to other employees.