5 Tips on Participating in an International Conference

Photo: pixabay.com

One of the highest achievement for a college student is to participate and becoming a speaker in an international conference. It's a challenge yet it is an opportunity for the student to present their ideas and to teach them the way of a good diplomacy The international conference participation will help the student to sharpen the skills related to academic enhancement.

The other benefit of Participating in an international conference is the expanding of the professional network. The global academic network is beneficial for the student future endeavor especially for those who will work in the academic field such as a lecturer or a scientist.

Below are five useful tips for college students should you wish to participate in an international conference.

Looking the Information from Various Sources

It is easy to search the information regarding international conferences. Universities are often sharing the information periodically . The students can find those in the internet. The students need to put attention on the details of places, time, fees, and etcetera.

Consult with The Lecturer

The students needs to consult with the lecturer as part of the process deciding the topic and the title of the academic writings. Lecturers is a good source to start since they have a lot of experience and references to various research. Their suggestion may give positive benefit to strengthen the argument in the writings.

Looking for Comparison of the References

It is always a good idea to look for references on academic writings that has succeeded in passing it pass the selection for the conferences before starting the writing. It will help the students to understand the style of writing that fits the criteria of the conference committee and will ease the students in the writing process.

Present the Problem and enhance the Solution

Participants of international conferences are always asked to present in the writing of the certain problems on either local, regional, or even global level as well as their possible solution. The approach to the problem and the given solution determine whether or not the writings will be selected for the conference.

Prepare the Supports

One of important support to participate the international conference is the financial support. There are three common types of financing for international conference: fully paid for, partly paid for, and self-paid. There is no need to worry when the students made it to the conference fully paid for, but if it is only partly paid for or entirely self-paid, then the students will need to look for sponsors. Make a proposal to be submitted to possible sponsors. Don't let financial problem stops the students from going to the international conference!