How the Millennials Sustain the Environment


The earth is getting older and overpopulated. The overpopulation increased the demand for resources of fresh water, food, and housing. These demand has side effect of the decreasing size of forest as the result of housing expansion, increasing level of air pollution as the result of unsustain vehicle smoke disposal, etc. The research from Yale School of Public Health has shown that the air pollution gives bad effect to human's lung and lower the intelligence quality of the people lives in bad air quality environment.

People are becoming aware of these environmental issues. Many of them are millennials, they have taken various actions to find or solve the environmental problems for the future sake.

Below are some of the actions, you could take to be the part of green environment movement:

Reduce Plastics Waste

The millennials aware of plastic packaging are cheap with an expensive side effect. Due to its durability to decompose and dangerous material of the plastics. The easiest thing, the millennials do is by reducing the plastic waste and using the alternative tools to substitute the plastic. For example, by substitute the plastic straw to metal straw for drinks and carrying tote bags rather than using common plastic bags in supermarket.

Eco-friendly Sports

The millennials have also add a new goal in sports. Not only do they exercising to keep fit, but also to keep the environment clean. One example of this is plogging, jogging while picking up any garbage they found on the streets. This movement started in Swedia, 2016 and now has become a global movement with lots of millennials participating. In Indonesia, there are several plogging movements such as Solo Runners in Solo and the Goodlife Society in Jakarta.

Urban Gardening

Gardening is a hobby for the millennials regardless of the limited available space. They found a way around this problem through urban gardening. A popular method of urban gardening is by making a vertical garden. Another way is by gardening inside the house. Not only does it cleverly solve the problem of limited space, but it also cools the room and thus, conserve energy as there is no need to use air conditioner anymore.

Organic Farming

The trend for youth to pick up farming has taken an upturn once more around the globe. In the Duke University, North Carolina, United States, several students have taken to manage college farm fields with organic farming system. Some bachelors in Indonesia has opted to become organic farmers and develop start up organic farming products. They wish to develop eco-friendly farming.

Social Media Campaign

Social media is an effective 'weapon' for the millennials to preserve the nature. Many among them shares tips on eco-friendly actions in the social media. Through their action, more and more people started to care about the conservation of environment. Stop Plastic Straws movement for example, is popularized and followed by many people because of campaigns in social media.