Scholars: the Agent of Change of the Nation

September 29th is celebrated as the National Sarjana Day (Sarjana means people who have at least a bachelor’s degree). Each year, thousands of students graduated from universities all over the country for graduate and postgraduate programs. Those who has earned the advanced degree are expected to be the agent of change of the national development. Here are tips for the scholars of advanced degree to be the part of the national development as the agent of change.

Prepare yourself to have the initiative and be the answer

As the scholars, they should not stay still and study in the classroom or just read course books. They have to jump into the society in searching for a valid example of what’s going on and to find its treatment. Conducting a research based on specific issue will be a good step to go.

Improve both soft and hard skills

Campuses always provide a vast opportunity for students to improve their creativity outside the classroom. The Student Activity Units in each campus will assist students in improving soft and hard skills, especially in organization management. This organizational skill is the important foundation when they act as the member of the society.1

Becoming an enthusiast and passionate student

Passion is a reason and an encouragement to do something.2 If students want to be the answer/role model to the country, they must have a strong passion with what they are doing during the study. They need to sharpen the skill and seek for the opportunities from various sides. So the knowledge they gained and nurtured could be used as one of the key to help the others and to build the nation.