Indonesia's Intellectual Build the Village to Support a Strong Nation


There are more than seventy four thousand villages in Indonesia as it mentioned in Wikipedia. The large number of villages are a good opportunity for the intellectuals to apply their knowledge and expertise in developing the nation starting from the urban to suburban until the rural area. The source from the Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration informed that the government has put a front the villages as the axis of national development1. The development covers the sector of farming, tourism, and in other sectors.

The support from the government has been warming up the intellectuals to go to study and back immediately to the country. This positive movement of the young intellectual to build the village hopefully will increase the welfare of local folk. There are a lot of activities can be made to support the development of the villages such as working together with the local youth organization such as karang taruna to make various skills workshop and training. By making these kind of activities, it can help the young generation in the villages especially those in need with low income to have more opportunity of getting additional source of living. The partnership with local business to open the vacancy opportunities and the availability of wider market. Bapak Hari Bowo, a bachelor graduate from Cilegon, Banten whom decided to return to his village after graduation. He builds a business in providing goat livestock to the market , the Farming Village Cikerai, that successfully turn the economic cycle in his village really well by recruiting most of the youth to work in the farm. The business complex has training center for his employee and the other young generation who wants to learn new skills. The center has also a program to give basic training the children in school age around Cilegon and Serang to help developing the knowledge of the local wisdom.2.

Other story is coming from Bapak Abdussalam Ramli, a bachelor of Physics from Madura, Eastern Java. He came back to his hometown after the graduation to work as the Chieftain of Waru Barat Village, sub-district of Waru, Pamekasan district. He initiated the smart village as one of his programs to ease the public services. Presently, Waru Barat Village has the online system to support its services to the public3. He educates his colleagues the importance of technological advancement in running the working program for the institution and as the public.

Both Hari and Abdussalam are a few examples of many intellectuals whom successfully increasing their capabilities and went back to their home developing with also increasing the value of employment in their villages. These story should be the inspiration for the other intellectuals, the government, and the other related stakeholders to keep giving encourage the business cycle in the villages level. For sure, Indonesia will grow really well with the well-adequate skills and ready to compete young generation.