Cyber University: Sophisticated Education System in the Digital Era


The world has been entering digital era since early 70’s, where the computer was still in big shape. Since then, digital technology has been the part of human lives. It has helped human task easier. The nature of work has been transformed by digital technology. The widespread of internet connectivity has been increasing connectivity options of working from home or remote working. Many new jobs related to digital-expertise are created for the last 15 years. These facts are encouraging the Indonesia’s education system especially in the university level to evolve from traditional to digital approach. The evolution is started from the university management system, student database, university financial reporting, academic process, e-scoring, digital library, student paper reporting, etc.

What is Cyber University?

Cyber University is an entity providing formal learning opportunities through electronic media. Cyber Universities use online learning to provide access to all, regardless of limitations due to geographic location, flexibility, etc.1. Cyber University is sophistication facility for the student who wants to go to university. The Ministry of Technology Research and Higher Education aware to the need of transforming the universities in Indonesia to the level of world-class-university. To be able to accelerate the competitiveness of Indonesian young generation, the universities all over Indonesia is innovating their system thoroughly.

Quality Online Learning System

The Minister of Technology Research and Higher Education M. Nasir mentioned that the Cyber University is a new platform that suitable to accompany the rapid growth of economy of Indonesia and the world. The ministry will supervise the management he Cyber University including the online lectures methods and modules. It is to make sure the management and education system in the cyber university fulfil the best quality2.

Easier Access in the Academic Process

Students can easily access the assignment, the e-library and the online lectures without the need of face-to-face meeting. Later on the working students or remote students have easier access of education. They can join the lectures at home or from anywhere else, so long as they have access to the internet3.