Teachers are the builders of nation's intelligence and character

A nation's progress is determined by the ability of its educators to change the character of the future generations. Without educators figure, perhaps a large nation such as Indonesia will not be able to enjoy their sons and daughters hard-earned efforts of the country that has encouraged the nation's developments.

Achievement of Indonesia today is inseparable from the role of the teacher who has guided their students to be adults and play active roles in Indonesia's development.
However, in order to create Indonesia's "nation builders", there are still a lot of teachers who strive for their own welfare or the family which they support.

Appreciation gestures addressed to them also still considered low given how important and valuable the role of a teacher or lecturer in the social life of society.
"Leaders! Teachers! What a great job of being a leader in a school, a teacher in a special sense, namely in forming the students’ mind and soul! Particularly in the resurrection era! People's futures are in the hands of the teachers, being human".

That was a quote from Indonesia's first President Ir. Soekarno about teachers which quoted from his book "Dibawah Bendera Revolusi" (Under the Flag of The Revolution).
Teacher is a noble profession because in their hands the future of this nation is determined. Teacher is also considered a hero for development, because on their hands will be born heroes who would fill the public spaces in the country's development. The ideal teacher is not just a teacher who meets the technical requirements of smart, clever, or expert in their knowledge. It is far more important than that, teachers should be able to put themselves as an agent of change.

The teacher's task is to nurture students' curiosity and direct it in a way that most interest to them. If the students are given a sense of security, avoid their students from censure, free to express themselves and explore freely, students will grow into a human with confidence and optimism.

A teacher can be a development hero that has a fighting spirit, the spirit to sacrifice, and a pioneer for the society betterment. Therefore, a teacher's task performed is not easy, because a good teacher does not just inform, explain or demonstrate, but also to inspire. A teacher should be able to see the changes ahead, so teachers can plan what is best for their students.

A teacher should also be able to carry out their duties as motivator who is able to motivate their students to be full of passion and ready to face and meet tomorrow's changes.
This kind of role as it is called by Former President Soekarno, as the "Teachers in the special sense, which is to be resourceful and forming children's souls”.

On the other hand, an Indonesian teacher pioneer figure Ki Hajar Dewantara has expressed his three basic principles of a teacher. These basic principles of Ki Hajar Dewantara is still used as a guide and guidance in Indonesian education world up to now, Namely to provide good role models for the students (Ing Ngarsa Sung Tuladha), strives to inspire the spirit of the students (Ing Madya Mangun) as well as to influence and encourage (Tut Wuri Handayani).

In carrying out their duties as forming the national character, the hard work of teachers is rightly to be rewarded one of them is to commemorate the National Teachers Day on every November 25th, the day of the birth of the Indonesian teachers associations, namely the Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI) in 1945.

As foreign aid agencies working in the field of socio-economic development of developing countries, USAID Indonesia put a greater emphasis on developing the capacity of teachers through PRESTASI scholarship programs.

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