Building Your Business Since in the College


The history has recorded early 21st century is the era of open wide communication platform. Most of platform were founded by young visionaries while they are still studying. Such as, Snapchat founded by Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown, and Bobby Murphy when they are still in the Standford University. It is a popular application with the approximate value of US$20 million.

This fact shown that 21st century business has initiated with much younger than average businessman to start their business. It has inspired the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education to offer the support for the development of digital businesses in Indonesia. One of their program called the Technology Business Incubator, it is an institution nurtured by the ministry whose purpose is the development of technology-based beginner entrepreneurs.

What are the things that need to be prepared by college students to start digital businesses of their own? Below are 4 important tips for any students who wish to build a startup:

Solution-based Businesses

Any good business offers solutions to ease the society to live their life. It is a good idea to pay attention to any trend in the society or the thing that will ease the society in their daily life. One of the example, the online taxi service is the solution to ease the society overcome the common traffic jam and to help stabilize the transportation cost compared with conventional taxi service in urban areas.

Join the Entrepreneurs' Community

Building the business since the college days is challenging such as to manage time to study and to plan the business. The first step easy to do is to join a community for entrepreneurs in order to gain practical knowledge on how to start a business, Taking entrepreneurship class is also helping to increase knowledge, positive mindset, and persistent character.

Effective Time Management

Manage the time effectively between classes and the business. It helps to concentrate and to differentiate the priorities.


Building a partnership with friends are a good option in building the business. It will help to enlarge the business network. A friend will help to offer different perspective such as from the market point of view. Business partner will help you to work in a team and to be a decision maker. Select an equal partner with the same vision to haste the development of your business.