Science-based Food Security


The National Farming Day commemorates in every September is the encouragement point to strengthen food security in Indonesia. Indonesia’s fertile soil is our treasure to achieve self-sufficiency in food production as it once had in 1980s when we were fully self-sufficient in producing rice.

The answer to achieve food sufficiency and creating a resilient food security is through science of food crop developed by the scientists, including university students whom right now are studying the subject.

What can we do to support the food sufficiency in Indonesia?

Developing research on farming

It is important to conduct research on farming in order to increase productivity and quality to create food security. We may learn from the movement of food defense in Ethiopia, a country that was once known for its famine, but now has been succeeded to manage the farming into the backbone of their economy by applying advanced technology in farming. Thus, researches on farming in Indonesia must be continued as well. One example of the research is the use of drone to spray pesticide on the field. The Support from every elements as from the government until the society must be given for innovations like this.

Returning the experts into the fields

It has been found that to find a bachelor of agriculture to be working in a bank or other industrial sector is quite common. It is a concern since their expertise will be maximal if they are working the agricultural sector. The government should be able to find a way to bring them back into the field so that their knowledge is not wasted.

Implementing farming technology

The research for the agriculture and its technology must be sustained with the continuity of the cultivation in the field. The best research should be practical on the field. It will increase the productivity and to maintain the food security. One of the example of the integrated agriculture technology is the paddy planting machine that allows farmers to plant more seeds on the field in ideal distance compared to manual method.

Strengthen the food processing technology

The effort to strengthen the food processing technology is one of the tools to improve the food security. Thailand and Philippines must have come into mind when talking about dried mango products in Southeast Asia. By looking the success of these countries, Indonesia that has varieties of high quality mangos must be able to display the result of integrated research. It is to support Indonesia position in the global market. The invention of I Ketut Tasra from the Research Institution of the Department of Agriculture is one of the fresh air to agriculture sector She invented a drying machine that can shortened the drying process from seven days into only one day. Hopefully, Indonesia’s researcher will invent more tools to support the agriculture sector strengthening.