Required Documents

How to apply for a PRESTASI Scholarship

Fill out the PRESTASI application form by following the instructions for each section. Note that for some questions it may be appropriate to include additional details or provide additional examples on an additional page(s) and attach it to your application. Any attached pages should be numbered and contain well-organized information that refers to the original section/question from the application.

Applicants are expected to submit 3 professional or personal references. A reference letter form, to be completed and sealed by your selected referees, is included at the end of this application. Reference letters must be returned to you for submission with your application.

The complete application package must include:

1 Completed and signed application form. 1 original and 3 copies
2 Certified Undergraduate Certificate 1 legalized copy and 3 copies
3 Certified Undergraduate Academic Transcript 1 legalized copy and 3 copies
4 Recent photographs (4x6, B/W or color) Attached to each copy of the application form
5 Copy of valid national ID card (KTP or Passport) 3 copies
6 Valid TOEFL® ITP or TOEFL® iBT or IELTS™ score (test date only from November 2015 and afterwards)
*TOEFL- Like or TOEFL Predictions are NOT accepted
3 copies
7 Original reference letters, in sealed envelopes 3 sets
8 Recent Curriculum Vitae (in English) 1 copy
9 Copy of certificates and awards (if available) 1 copy each
10 Copy of article, journal, research or cover page of your publication, etc (if available) 1 copy each


  • Do not submit original documents, certificates, or diplomas.
  • Expired TOEFL ITP, iBT, and IELTS will NOT be considered for further review (two years after the testing date is considered expired).
  • Expired identity proof such as KTP or passport will NOT be accepted.
  • Application forms and attached documents will not be returned.
  • With the exception of mailed reference letters, all documents must be received together with the application forms.
  • It is not necessary to translate academic transcripts and certificate(s) into English.
  • All documents should be printed or copied in A4 paper size
  • Put together all documents and arrange them into FOUR separate sets, and please do not bind the documents. Use paper clips to separate each set.
  • Application packages that are received at the PRESTASI office but which are incomplete (missing required documents) will not be considered for review for an interview. Exception for reference letter that come from outside Indonesia.