A Judge with a Mission: to Provide an Excellent Legal Service

Having completed his master degree in Law at Universitas Gajah Mada, Baryanto feels more open-minded in the legal field particularly on issues relating to the community. One issue is the long legal process in civil cases. “The judge was given six months to resolve the civil cases. It’s too long,” said the father of three children. That’s why when handling civil cases he tries to maximize the efforts of both parties to pursue peace efforts. “I give input on the side of law to both parties. If the parties to the dispute are willing to take the peace efforts, they do not waste time and the case is completed with peace,” he said.

According to law, birth certificate which was made more than a year after a child’s birth, must be requested through the courts. “I’m looking for a way to shorten the process of maintaining the birth certificate,” he said seriously. The trick is, when submitting a birth certificate, the applicant should already know the registration number, when and who will convene at a scheduled time. In short, all the necessary data must be known once the applicant has filed the application letter. That way the applicant will not run out of time and can always check the schedule for when the trial will be conducted. “At first it was hard and there was a lot of resistance, so I implemented the mechanism on my own,” he said.

Even the arrangement of a birth certificate is getting cheaper. With the old mechanism, people needed to spend between Rp 500,000 to Rp 600,000. With this new one, people just need to spend only Rp 180.000 and it will be processed within two weeks. “In principle, I just want the legal services for community to be as excellent and as cheap and fast as possible,” said Baryanto. This mechanism is apparently welcomed by the public and eventually Baryanto’s principal allowed another judge to apply the same procedure.

Emma Sri Setyowati, SH, M.Hum, his colleague, thought Baryanto was a flexible figure and good at associating. “He’s got a lot of ideas, often giving reasonable input, this is our favorite thing about him in the association,” she said. According to Emma, with the knowledge he had and his people skill, Baryanto has been appointed as a mediator judge in civil case several times.

Baryanto’s superiors in Wates court often give him positive feedback. “His performance is good, he often gives positive feedback,” explained Acice Sendong SH, MH. One of his inputs, said Acice, is a “one day service” system which means work being completed on the same day as it comes in. Although the implementation will take some time at least the concept is very good for Acice to improve the legal services for the community.

Taken from PRESTASI: A Journey. To download it, please click here